Stress Resilience in the Workplace

Support your team with evidence-based approaches to build stress resilience.

Get the most from your team by building a happy and healthier workforce.

Increase productivity and create a culture of well-being!

Take positive proactive steps to reduce staff absence and equip them to manage stress better and understand early signs of stress.

Through presentations and 121 work we strive to support teams and individuals.

Build a better understanding of stress, know your warning signs and have the ability to manage stress more efficiently.

Build knowledge of parasympathetic tone and spend more time in it.

Work on small changes to improve overall health and well-being that helps to build a strong foundation.

Build stress resilience and kickstart growth mind set.

Focus on the key pillars to health and well-being.

Learn what steps are needed to create sustainable habits.

For over 10 years, I have been supporting clients with their health, fitness, productivity and mindset.

Clients range from company directors to elite athletes. Previous to personal training, I have been coaching and supporting a wide range of people, from youth offenders to elite basketball players.

I am really interested in supporting clients to create small sustainable healthy habits that make a big impact.

Having qualified as a Stress Resilience Coach, I am keen to help support businesses and employees learn how to manage and understand stress, be more productive and move employees well-being higher up the agenda.


To enquire about workshops and 121 C-suite, Leadership teams support:

email or phone 07946 748582