Get Strong

How it works

A trio of cardio, strength and mobility focussed classes.  No experience necessary and all abilities are very welcome.

ProStart's small group training classes are a great way to get into shape, with exercises that can be adapted to your individual fitness levels. The sessions are fun, effective and it's a great way to bring people together with similar goals. Group sizes are kept small to keep quality high.

Where: Sessions are in a private gym

Price: There are two different payment options to group training, one session per week and unlimited training, please contact for more information.

How can I get started? Email – or call on 07946 748582 to start your trial.

Sessions are booked on an app and it’s easy to book and arrange your training for the week.

"Before I started training with Joe, I hadn’t done any exercise in years. He reassured me that it did not matter and made sure I was comfortable throughout the class. I absolutely LOVE working out now. Joe makes every class different and actually fun! 4 months later I am addicted! I have seen dramatic results in my body, the inches are falling off and I am looking better in clothes and feeling amazing."*
"Joe is a truly motivational and an inspiring coach, who can adapt his style whether working with Olympic legacy young athletes or middle-aged men like me. He quickly assesses where you are during each session knowing when to push or encourage resulting in you achieving your fitness goals. The scariest part is my times are improving year on year, the fun part, I never know what he has in store!"*